How is A Duc Like Another Machine?

How is A Duc Like Another Machine?

- humour by Pete Snidal

Have you ever been admiring an early Duc twin, - you know, from before the days of the athletic-shoe look, (pre-fairing) especially those lovely, sorta squared-off, but beautifully finished cases? Ever notice the protrusions, like the breather tower, and the Oil Filter cover, and think that, somehow, well, it looks like something else you've seen before?

Something else, some other piece of machinery, beautifully finished, lots of shiny aluminum, things sticking out everywhere, - hey - don't get me wrong; a wonderful machine, but, somehow, not really, to a Brit freak anyway, well, not really All Motorcycle. Knowdamean?

Could it be ................ an espresso machine? Well, here's a little song to sing along to yourself, next time you're fortunate enough to be following along behind a friend's Contis, maybe feeling just a slight tad envious (no that can't be it). This little ditty was composed to dull the pangs of possible wishfullness.........

Mama Mama, Canna' You See?
At's-a da Coffee Machine for me!

She's a mighty fin-a machin'
She make you a cup-a-Capuccin'.

She make you a cup, She make you a gallon,
She make-a-some for my fren' Allen.

My fren' wit da Trium', he's a dope,
He don' even know-a-da Pope.

He don' get one, he gonna lose,
We make him an offer he can-a refuse.

She make you a cup, she make you a Litre,
She make-a-some for my fren' Peter.

Turn on-a-da steam and punch 'er thru,
Espresso for me; Capuccin' for you.

Outside she's-a-pretty; better inside 'er
And the best thing of all isa I can ride 'er!

Pusha da kicker and heara thump-thump
Da world's-a fines' espresso pump!

- Apologies to His Highness Pope Pius XII or whatever, The Ducati Motor Works, William Shakespeare (didn't he invent the couplet?), Andrew Marvel (In case it was him), and Capucinno-sucking envir- onmentalists everywhere.) Not to mention the entire Nation of Italy, and of course The Organization. (Hey! Jus'-a kiddin'!)